Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Memory Of

This photo is from a couple of years back. Todd Carney (#7) kicks a field goal to seal the game for the Raiders in the early rounds of 2008. Another loss in Canberra for the Dragons, who you see walking back dejectedly.

Times have changed. At the time Todd Carney was the golden boy, however already then he had problems. There might have been twenty separate alcohol related incidents at the time. By the time of his sacking from the Canberra Raiders, there were 31. That's really a lot. Especially considering they included a high speed car chase (the loser there was Steve Irwin- not the crocodile hunter, but the substandard player who had his contract torn up).

The final straw came mid 2008, Carney was accused of urinating on a man's face. A friend of Dan Tilse. The charges were later dropped, however, that's not the kind of story you just make. Sure, it would be a lot of hassle, and of course, nothing would happen in the courts, so the man may have made the right decision.

This was at All Bar Nun. Sydney media portrayed it as "a hot Canberra nightspot". It's a pub, it closes at 12 most nights. It's not that exciting. It is however, where I'm going to go watch the match tonight. It's not that far from home, and what better place to watch the Raiders take on Carney and his new mates at the Sydney Roosters.

The papers have been full of Todd Carney talk all week, and he's going to have to play well after all the media focus. The other focus has been on the Roosters illegally courting Raiders custodian Josh Dugan.

As it's the Raiders, nothing will happen. Nobody will care. The same rules don't apply when dealing with the Raiders. Just look at Joel Reddy's suspension. One week for elbowing Terry Campese in the face.

If the Green Machine can get a win here, they will be two away wins in a row and they should get into the top 8. A win will show they really are contenders, not pretenders. Tackling machine Sean Fensom is out, he has been replaced by human cannonball Josh Miller.

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