Thursday, April 29, 2010

Raiders vs Warriors

I haven't made a GREEN MACHINE related post recently. It seems the machine hasn't been oiled properly, and the Raiders are giving Melbourne a good tussle for the Wooden Spoon, however the former premiers are attached to that utensil after massive breaches of the salary cap for the last five years.

The Raiders travel overseas for this week's NRL match, up against the Warriors. Sean Fensom, Alan Tongue, Adam Mogg and Josh Miller are all on the sidelines this week, so it will be interesting to see how the game goes. The Raiders do not travel well, however the Warriors have been absolutely pumped in their last two matches.

It's not like the Raiders have been going strong either. Unfortunately last weekend I had to work in the afternoon, but I popped up to the stadium for the first half. When I left the home team was up 24-6. No worries, I thought.

Final score: Souths 26- Canberra 24. Not really sure how they lost that one at all.

The picture I posted above is from 2004. I'm not sure if it was the first game I went to at Bruce Stadium, but it was one of only a handful of games I managed to get to. This one was a classic. The previous year Stacey Jones booted the Green Machine out of the finals with a field goal, and it looked like it had happened again at 29-28 with a few minutes left.

Right before the siren, Clinton Schifcoske popped a field goal of his own over, then another in golden point extra time, game over. What I remember most about that game though, was having a mean hangover. For some reason my friend wanted to sit right up the top of the grandstand. I'm not sure if it was just to torment me, but I definitely felt quite dizzy on the way up.

The Raiders have a lot of injury concerns, there's a lot of high quality players sitting on the sidelines, or coming back from long term injuries through Souths Logan.

Here's a team that's NOT taking the field

1. David Milne
2. Daniel Vidot
3. Justin Carney
4. Joel Monaghan
5. Michael Brophy
6. Adam Mogg
7. Marc Herbert
8. Troy Thompson
9. Alan Tongue
10. Josh Miller
11. Joe Picker
12. Danny Galea
13. Sean Fensom

Not all these players are out injured, some are out of favour with coach Furner, or making a comeback through Souths Logan. I wonder how they would go up against my "sellout team" I named a few weeks back

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