Monday, July 5, 2010

Carbonas 'Frothing At The Mouth' 7" (DoucheMaster) * Exploding Hearts 'Shattered' 12" (Dirtnap) * Dangerloves 'Lipsmart' 7" (Fashionable Idiots)

First track on the Carbonas is the first cut from the raging Carbonas LP which will make you feel like a cunt if you have an affection for the Zero Boys OR the Dead Boys and you haven't heard it yet. Other side is another hot shit punk tune that will make you feel like a cunt because you probably are one. This band is everything that was great about the Exploding Hearts without the leopard print or pink scarves, which is another way of saying they are better. But, marginally. Exploding Hearts were fuckin' great. This record is a selection of singles with a whole lotta demos and outtakes from 'Guitar Romantic'. Talking about Exploding Hearts in this zine is like talking about Discharge. I'm happy to do it, but I'm kinda assuming that you've heard them and you're down. I'm not suggesting they're comparable in importance, but I am saying that they're definitive for their styles. Both these records are fuckin' great.
Dangerloves aren't great. They are almost good. Their tunes sound constructed by record collecting research. This is not always bad, but in this case there isn't enough power in their pop. It's very pretty music. If this record looked like a person, Vice Magazine would probably put them in an ad. I prefer bands like Carbonas because if their record looked like a person, they'd be arrested for indecent exposure. Ya know?

Taken from Distort #16

On the weekend someone told me that Dx is now writing for Vice. Normally I couldn't care less about "sell outs" etc, however that was a pretty disappointing thing to hear.

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