Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some zine reviews

I've been very slack with the zine reviews I started doing, although not many people read this, so it's not a big deal.

Yellow Pages

There's not much reading material in this one, but the idea is pure genius. The white pages are at the back, they're blank, and the yellow at the front, just like your phone book. I got this when I went to Sticky earlier in the year, for the first time ever, I was in Melbourne and Sticky was open. This zine cost 95c

To the right in the picture is

Meet My Friends

This is a collection of cute drawings of, it seems semi fictional animals. It cost $1.80. The stick figure drawings are connected by a few words. It's all blue.

Another one I got from Sticky turned out to be by the same guy as Yellow Pages, Kenneth Pittock. It was called

AFL Football

Normally I would say "It would be heaps better if it was about Rugby League", like one of my favourite zines, Rock 'n' Raider, however, the simple format of this is a fun little read. Each page has a little thing to do in a "guide" to how to be a fan.

A little example of the last few pages:

Question the umpiring/Hate the other teams/give yourself to it/give it your life.

A must for all sports fans.

Jerkstore #6

(Not to be confused with Jerkstore, Band (see Capital Eyes #9))

This is a punk rock zine, written by an English guy (maybe more people), but now that guy moved to Perth and is operating the zine from there, as far as I know. I think I got this in a grab bag from Bird In The Hand, but I don't really remember, I read it a long time ago. The price tag says $3.50. I like the interviews, though I don't know many of the bands, I like how they get pissed and ask the questions. Sounds very familiar. There's a good interview with Off With Their Heads in there.

APiTO #19

This was another one I got at Sticky. I mainly got it for the interview with Mach Pelican, even though I barely listened to them, I was interested to find out a bit more. This zine came out in 2003. It seems to be from Qld, possibly Rockhampton. It's really short, like 8 pages or something, but I like it. There's a tribute to Joe Strummer just after he died. It cost $1.

Give Blood #2

Chris GB was in Canberra the other day, it was really good to see him. He stayed at my place a few years back when I lived in Melbourne, then we drove from Melbourne to Canberra to watch Samsara again. (see Capital Eyes #2 for more).

This is a pretty good zine, A4, lots of interviews and reviews, quite professional for a one man job. There's interviews with Poison The Well, Outbreak, The Dead Walk, Dropsaw, Break Even and there's about a thousand reviews at the back as well. There's also tour diaries from Samsara and Jungle Fever. There should be more tour diaries.

Whenever I See A Bearded Hobo On The Street I'll Think of You and Smile

This is a "travel scrapbook zine". It's a bit expensive ($8) for a zine, but a good read. The guy lands some pretty good connections and has a lot of adventures throughout the USA. A pretty fun read. I got this at the zine fair at the National Library last year from Elouise from Smells Like Zines

Downsided #4.5

I got this of Sean when Marathon played at the Bruce House. That was a pretty good show actually. This zine is super short (hence the issue 4.5) and is mainly about Marathon. Something for a quick read.

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