Sunday, December 4, 2011

Into December- Time To Get Real

So here we are now, December has begun. All the family are making their way back after coming over for our wedding, well the second version of our wedding. Here's a picture below.

So they're all back in their homes, or making their way back. After our trip with Mum, Dad and Alison, once we dropped them at the airport, it wasn't quite time to go home yet, there was still Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Tahiti to come. From the emails it sounds like they had a pretty good time.

So I am still waiting for the paperwork on the residency to go through, which takes a couple of months, so I can't really work anyway, so I have started an internship with I Love Chile, who are an English language media network. They have a monthly paper, a website with daily news and also internet radio and regular news stories which I believe they film and put on Youtube, I haven't really found out about that one yet.

So anyway, I will be focusing on sports, as they don't really have too much reporting on sports, and of course I am a bit of a sports fiend. I am hoping to find lots of minor competitions, and also find excuses to write about Footbag. The South American championships are on in a couple of weeks, but with no job, it's looking unlikely that I will be able to make it, which is a bit of a disappointment. I have been trying to play every day. We have a pool in our apartment block, so I like to play in the early evening for about an hour, and finish the session with a dive into the pool.

If interested you will be able to find my articles here. My first published article was, of all things, about a strike in a mine, which is not really my main area of interest. So I look forward to getting some sports stories up there, and maybe a few mentions of my travels, and some musical ideas too. Let's see.

Speaking of music, I have been pretty lazy on the front of discovering Chilean bands. You could extend that laziness to not doing anything at all. I did see a band yesterday at the Gringoton event. In the sound check they played AC/DC and Slayer, but things got softer from there which was a little disappointing. I didn't catch their name. I had my face painted as a tiger...I will have to get some photos of that up another time!

Maybe by the new year I will have some news on that front. In the world of international touring bands, Opeth and Foo Fighters will both play within a week of each other, in March, so that should be a pretty good week. As for what I have been listening to of late, it hasn't been too much out of the ordinary- Alexisonfire, Break Even, Machine Head, Polar Bear Club, Fires of Waco, A Death in The Family, Parkway Drive, Frenzal Rhomb, that kind of thing.

Today an Australian movie appeared on the TV during their daytime programming. Joey was the name of it, a real classic, it was such a surprise I had never heard of...some incredibly thick 'strayan accents in there. It was kind of fun to watch, but after all it was a kids movie, so it was pretty stupid.

Only a few more weeks left in the year. Not sure exactly what our plans for the new year will be, I wouldn't mind heading down to the coast, where they have a big event with lots of fireworks, even though I don't care so much for fireworks.

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