Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slowburn have some new songs up on their Myspace

Canberra's own Slowburn have had a bit of a re-shuffle with their lineup. This has pushed back the release of their EP, and there is now a demo coming out for the tour that starts this week with Hard Luck, Battletruk and Pressure's On. This tour will be Hard Luck's last.

Incidentally, this picture is on the cover of Capital Eyes #3. It was taken at a show Slowburn played with The Woods from WA at Bar 32. It turned out to be an awesome night. One of my favourites this year


Unknown said...


I enjoyed reading your zine, have you been working on anything more (or is this the sole purpose of this blog?)

Daniel Boyle said...

I've got another issue in the works. It's coming along very slowly haha. I made a couple of other issues, that I only did very small amounts of, and I'm planning to do some more copies of them over the weekend. If you want to give me your address I can send you a copy of them.

Also...I think you're the first person to have commented on this, and I thank you for that haha.

Daniel is now living in Santiago de Chile. You can find some more writing at I Love Chile

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