Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have been to a couple of shows lately.

The weekend before last I went down to Melbourne for Sike Your Mind. I decided it was going to be a good idea to catch the bus down from Canberra. It wasn't really. I caught the overnight bus, and this meant I was completely drained the whole time.

Dropsaw and Samsara were both top notch on the first day, Rex Banner were pretty sweet as well. The second day I got there late and missed The Seduction, I was a bit bummed by that. No Love Lost were probably the highlight of my day on day two, that was the first time I had seen them, hard band.

On the weekend just gone by I went and saw Ceremony down at the Youth Centre in Tuggeranong. I hadn't really heard much of their stuff, just heard some tracks on the myspace. They were very impressive, people seemed so siked on seeing them, definitely some of the hardest moshing I have seen in ages.

I am slowly working on Issue 4 of Capital Eyes. By slowly, I mean really slowly, but it should happen some time soon. It will all happen eventually, and then like the last couple of issues I will probably only print a handful of copies, as that's about the amount of people that actually care.

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