Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Being a manager is pretty stressful.

This morning, in the time just before I woke up I had this dream. I had started renting a place in Sydney, but had just kind of forgotten about it, and now the real estate had some goons out to chase me to pay for the caught up rent. I wasn't feeling the best when I woke up soon after that, so I had a swim in the hostel pool. Every time I swim in there I think about conjuring up some excuse so that it would need to be drained "for maintenance"- Dogtown style.

The work part of the day was quite stressful today, a lot of errors made the previous day, plenty of them by me, made things difficult for the morning. I then learnt one of my quite small team of receptionists is out of action for at least 3 weeks. I am wondering if they will let me hire a new staff member, I have a feeling the answer would be no, unfortunately. I have rostered myself on for some extra shifts, I wonder if I can use this time in lieu I build up for when I go to PNG, which I've currently booked in as leave without pay.

The weather is looking a bit rough. It looks like rain but nothing has begun yet. Hopefully I will get myself on a daytrip out to one of the islands on Friday, that's one day off that I have in the near future. Not sure which one to go to though. Might do a bit of a ringaround tomorrow, see who will take me.

Going to go buy some beer, make a small party maybe...

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