Thursday, December 10, 2009

went out this evening for a little while. For a "party town" Airlie Beach isn't as happening as I thought it would be. Maybe things happen later, but I'm not interested in hugely overpriced drinks for that long to find out if that's the case. Airlie is an expensvie town, that's one of the first things I found out. Lucky I'm earning more than my usual wage, otherwise I would probably not be in a real good situation.

We had dinner at Magnum's- one of the rowdier hostels down the road. They do a deal for 2 pizzas for $22. It's no 2 pizzas and a pint, but it's still fairly reasonable and the food is fairly good quality. I went with Johnathon from Sweden and Chester, he's from Taiwan. Chester's English is not real good, but he is a friendly guy, he's here for a while as well, til next Wednesday, we'll probably drink beer every night from now til then.

I talked to Francisca tonight on Skype, that's the first time I've ever used it, or a webcam at all as a matter of fact. It's a bit of a weird experience. I can't wait til she comes up here. After the new year we will probably make a trip up to Cairns, see a few more sights of this area.

Tonight's my first night on call. I sincerely hope the phone doesn't ring.

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