Friday, January 22, 2010

Today I arrived back in Brisbane. My flight left at 5.10am, let´s just say I was not in good condition upon arrival. I have just had two great nights seeing Polar Bear Club, Break Even, The Gifthorse and about four seconds of Jungle Fever.

I did a whole bunch of interviews last night, I was very impressed with my efforts actually, hopefully they all came out ok. So soon enough you can expect interviews with Jungle Fever, The Gifthorse, Kel who runs The Fort, that was the venue for the first night and To The North.

I had a pretty incredible trip really. I stayed at the Brisbane YHA, it has recently been rebuilt, the rooftop terrace there is incredible. Although it does not have the view of the Opera House a la Sydney Harbour YHA, however it has a bunch of seating areas, a great pool with lounges and beanbags to sit on, and it´s quite well used.

Tonight I am heading to Narooma, south coast NSW for the third Narooma Footbag Jam. This is an event I have been a big part, it's always a really fun trip and this year should not be any different.

Next weekend I'll spend in Sydney and from there 10 days on a boat, surfing off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

Current status: living the dream.

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