Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nate Myles

At the hostel I work at we had a Nate Myles impersonator stay over the weekend. After arriving for an early start with a mean hangover, the last thing I wanted to hear was that someone had defecated...not just in the hallway, like Myles did in a Gosford hotel last year, but in their room. This is a room shared with 7 other people. Somehow this ended up being the closest room to the bathroom. I really don't know what brings people to do that.

Anyhow, after many jokes relating to the Rooster, I got to thinking about him. He has been a fairly regular attendee at Queensland Origin camps, however, I don't think his form has regularly earned him a berth in the squad. With new recruit Todd Carney, who will be heavily booed in each encounter with the Raiders, according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, these two can do no wrong. There are regular interviews with these "reformed players". Myles is in the paper every week, it will be difficult for the Maroons selectors to forget him. It is unfortunate for comedians worldwide that Myles is not a winger. With Carney's move to fullback, you could have the combination of number ones and number twos.

Before leaving the capital, Carney was accused of urinating on a man's face, apparently a friend of big bopper Dane Tilse. These allegations were later withdrawn, but why make such an allegation if it never occured, and I think the more important question to be asked; how do you physically perform such an act?

Anyway, expect to see Myles playing Origin this year, whether he deserves it or not. Dallas Johnson is out, and the ever-glowing articles tip for Myles to be playing at lock this season. Queensland's forwards are as strong as ever, NSW really need to muscle up if they ever want to win a series, which they haven't even looked close to the past four years.

The Roosters have shown strong trial form, the question is can they keep it up.

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