Thursday, May 27, 2010

My thoughts on Origin...

Current Origin forwards need to show the passion of The Chief et al

In the quagmire they called a stadium, NSW lost to Qld 28-24. It should have been nowhere near that close, but the Blues got a couple of late tries once the game was already lost.

There needs to be some changes made to the lineup for the next match. It will be interesting to see what the selectors come up, but the real change that needs to be made is right there, the selection team needs a makeover.

1. Hayne
2. Morris
3. Tahu
4. Lyon
5. Morris
6. Gidley
7. Kimmorley
8. Weyman
9. Ennis
10. O'Donnell
11. Hindmarsh (c)
12. Lewis
13. Bird

14. Tolman if fit or- Galloway/King/Douglas
15. Farrah
16. TLL
17. Mason

18. Watmough
19. Carney

The problem for NSW is they don't have any ORIGIN style props. No Brick With Eyes/Chief/Spud etc. They played with that huge intensity. And I think guys like Petro still do that.

Someone like O'Donnell, not sure if he's still injured, but he has a big level of intensity. There is no need to have a back on the bench, Luke Lewis is probably the most versatile player in the game today.

Perry and White both need to go, they were rubbish. The props are the reason why NSW are looking at so many successive defeats.

Hindmarsh NEEDS to be in the team. He is such an origin style player, I don't know why they don't pick him. I also like the idea of Gidley not being the captain (75% loss rate is not a great look). Also makes him easier to move on for the next game.

With Gidley in the halves, I think you need an extra play making option, so I chose Bird at lock.

I was watching footage of the all star match the other day, when Farrah came on, he really injected himself into the game. I would probably prefer him to play the whole game, but I don't think Ennis will be moved on.

Idris needs to go, his defence was woeful. Especially in combination with Hayne, that had a field day down that edge. Cooper did nothing either, no need for him to stick around. I don't think Watmough was so bad, and normally I am against Mason being in the team, but I think he's the kind of player who would hopefully step up in this situation. He, along with TLL can come on as prop or second row. I think if he's in there more as a prop, it will give TLL more of a chance to run on the edges where he's much more damaging.

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