Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another day in London

Day 4

This Friday was a complete write off really. Everyone in the house had been out the night before, and there were some mighty groans from everywhere in the house. I think I sat on the same chair for hours on end. Dan had taken the day off so we could do something during the day. We decided against it, and everyone in the house recounted their previous night. Eventually we watched the movie The Hangover. Nothing seemed more appropriate.

That night we headed out with Damon, one of the Kiwi guys. I wasn't keen for a big night, actually I wasn't keen on going out at all, but we were just going down to Shepard's Bush, so at least it wasn't too far away, and it would be good to get out of the house.

Our first stop was the Walkabout, and then I got what Dan meant. It was disgusting, but one image will remain ingrained in my mind. There was this girl with an incredibly short blue dress on, with her fat arse hanging out the bottom. What a horrible sight. We had one drink, and went in search of something else. At the pub the music was terrible, and so loud you couldn't hear anybody talk. Simply standing there was making me angry. Really angry.

Brian Jonestown Massacre were playing at the O2 next door. It was sold out, but we thought maybe some scalpers would be selling tickets. No signs of that, we got some food. We hoped to get a pub meal, but by this time it was 10pm, all the kitchens were closed. We ended up at some kind of greasy chicken shopped, which followed up a lunch, also consisting of greasy chicken. What a healthy day. We ended up in a pub called Belushi's, which I think is another chain of pubs. Going there though, it was pleasant. It wasn't crowded, they were playing a nice selection of rock music and we chatted about favourite bands and all that rubbish. We got a round each, then headed home. One thing I had noticed about The Walkabout was “TOMORROW: LIVE: CANBERRA RAIDERS vs MELBOURNE STORM 10:30am”. I knew exactly where I would be at 10:30am the next day, beer in hand.

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