Thursday, August 26, 2010

Marathon, Vera, Jerkstore

So, we just put on a house show at the Bruce house. That house has been a big part of my life in Canberra. Apart from the fact that I lived there for two years, I've also had plenty of other friends live there as well, and plenty of good times.

Never though, had we had a show in there. I wasn't sure about how good an idea it was, but I convinced Ben into hosting Marathon and co for a night.

I picked up Peter K from his house, we got things setup before anyone arrived, which was a really good idea. Julian came next, he put in his drums. So I wasn't terribly sure how things would go, it's in a group of townhouses, no 6/55 must be close to adjoining in some parts.

Some people started to arrive around 6:30, which was a surprise, that's when it said it was going to start. The guys from Marathon arrived and set up. I went outside to check how it sounded, it was really loud. I though there could be trouble. The people coming in though, they said it was barely audible just a little bit further up the hill.

Marathon played first. A bit weird to have the interstate visitors open up proceedings, but this was, in somebody else's words, tactical genius. It meant that if things got out of hand, the main band had played already, all good.

They played just four songs. I haven't really listened to Marathon that much before, I've been listening quite a lot in the last couple of weeks, I really enjoy the tracks they have online. I was a bit worried it was way too loud and there would soon enough be neighbours at the door, threatening to call the police. This never happened though.

Amazingly though, it was advertised as bands starting at 7, and that's when the bands started. I honestly couldn't tell you if this phenomenal event has happened to me before in Canberra.

There would have been about 20-30 people in the room watching the bands. It ended up being a very good size, but you wouldn't want many more people coming in, as almost all the available space was taken.

I'm going to Melbourne on the weekend, I'll get to see Marathon on Sunday. It will be good to see them at a real show. They put on a great show though tonight, even though they were simply playing on a living room floor.

Vera were up next, they also played four songs. I think the short set times were imperative in keeping the neighbours in their own homes. Vera and Jerkstore both played quite well.

I'm about to go to bed, so I may extend this in the morning. All in all it worked out well, it could have been a real dud if some not so friendly neighbours came by, but the show was over by 8, by 9 you wouldn't even know a show had happened there.

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