Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So I have just sent a Canberra Zine News column to be put on the website at Sticky that Melbourne zine institution.

In other news, I sent a couple of zines away the other day, I get pretty lazy with that, so I try to sell or give most of my zines locally.

So I sent one to Sarah, she runs No Heroes Magazine, it's just online based at the moment, but maybe one day it will be a "real" magazine.

I also sent one to the long running Pee Zine so hopefully they say something nice.

I am working on Issue Number 9, it should be ready in a few weeks, I'm not really giving myself a deadline. I'm also planning on doing a Footbag zine, I have been saying that for years, but I've been writing a lot of Footbag stuff and I think I have a plan.

The main project I'm doing at the moment, I only just started recently, but I hope it works out. The plan is to make a collection of stories for my Dad's 50th birthday, with pictures and stuff, and give it to him as a present. Have some classic tales from "the boys" etc, so hopefully that will work out nicely.

Australia has an election on the weekend. Nobody cares because neither party is particularly different. It will be nice to have the election advertising off TV, but I'm sure there will be some other smear campaign soon enough.

The Canberra Raiders are still in the competition, there are three weeks left of the regular season, this week they play the Dragons. Although they are on top, the Dragons have not left Canberra victorious since 2000, that's a mighty long time.

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