Sunday, October 31, 2010

Farewell belco

At the zine fair Luke from Half Arsed skateboard zine had the plans out for the new Belco park.

I had heard rumblings about it but didn't know things were really stepping into action. In his younger years your dear writer was reasonably handy on the rollerblades having been inspired as a youngster by Drazic and co in Heartbreak High.

So I thought as they're going to smash it down next week, I better have a roll.

So I rocked up, the sun was down already, there were a few bmxers sitting around. I said hey how's it going, they grunted, prettygoodmate. I embarked in something I have done so many times before, but not for a long while.

Start up near the bowl, drop down the flatbank, into the donut, launch out for a 540, down the snake run. A little air midway through, a stall on the next turn, down into the street section, a little grind along that tiny rail.

Living right nearby when I was at uni, I spent a whole lot of time there, that place holds a lot of memories to me. The new plans look amazing though, I can't wait to see the finished product.

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