Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zine review- Don't Panic

This is the first of my plan to review all of the zines in my collection, which of course will grow as I'm writing the reviews, making it a never ending task. There is no particular order or reason to these reviews. Just something to do, and something to make me have a look at some of the zines I may have overlooked in a big pile of purchases.

Ok, so we have "Don't Panic" from that Zine Queen, Susy Pow (Bird In The Hand zine shop). I'm planning on also including in each review where I actually got the zine from. I'm not 100% sure on this one, but Susy was at the zine fair at Gorman House about 6 months ago, and I did trade her for something, which may have been this. I also managed to buy a lot more than I was planning to. If it wasn't from there, it would have come in the zineshop subscription offer. That was a cool deal, each month you got some new zines.

So anyway, this zine is really old. I'm going to go with c. 2002-3ish. According to zinewiki, I am totally wrong, it was made in 2008. It's an A5 size zine, a bit of random stuff all over the place. There's a bunch of Desert Island top 5s, not just from Susy, but some guys from bands as well. It's about 16 pages long, and a pretty good read, though on most pages the text is cut off and some of the sentences don't make any sense.

There's no panic here though. The price sticker on the back says $2.

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