Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantasy Football

With the League season approaching, I have selected my players for the fantasy season. I always seem to lose interest midway through the season, so maybe if I analyse my progress, it will be a different story.

This is the squad I have chosen- I'm going to list it as if it was an actual team

1. N Merrit (Souths)
2. L Burt (Parramatta)
3. A Glenn (Broncos)
4. J Thompson (Raiders)
5. J Nightingale (Dragons)
6. K Foran (Manly)
7. S Prince (Gold Coast)
8. D Shillington (Raiders)
9. K Kingston (Penrith)
10. N Friend (Gold Coast)
11. N Hindmarsh (Parramatta)
12. T Learoyd-Lars (Raiders)
13. C Parker (Broncos)

14. A Tongue (Raiders)
15. J Warera-Hargraves (Roosters)
16. N Fien (Dragons)
17. L Walsh (Penrith)


D Kemp (Broncos)
B Ferguson (Raiders)
J Carney (Roosters)
C Walker (Eels)
W Graham (Sharks)

M Masoe (Roosters)
G Eastwood (Bulldogs)
S Mataora (Raiders)

Obviously, Nathan Friend isn't my first choice when I think of props, but the hookers often have the highest score. This is in the Daily Telegraph supercoach competition. When asked how many times a week do I read the DT, the answer was a big fat zero.

I am hoping to do a Raiders related post each week, starting from the trial match in Bega, my hometown, which is on Saturday week.

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