Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So it begins

Well tomorrow we arrive overseas, but tonight we are staying on the Gold Coast. We flew somewhere today, so I think you can definitely say the holiday has begun.

We are now staying at the Coolangatta YHA. It's actually walking distance from the airport, and also only a block or so from the beach. The downside of being so close to the airport is that you can hear the planes coming and going, and there's also a freeway just in front of the room.

In saying that, it's perfect for what we need....we arrived after dark, checked in, asked for a good place to eat, got directed to a pub down the road doing deals on T Bone steak, with an overly friendly bloked behind the counter and a "classic match" on TV (Norths vs Wests, 1996) Wests won with a last minute field goal 23-22. In this bar they also show the arrival and departure times, so if you fancy a bet, a la Kramer in that episode The Diplomats Club.

Back at the hostel we had a few games of table tennis, all of which I won. Too good...

I played some footbag tonight, I decided to try to beat my consecutive kicks record...the previous one was reasonably easy to remember, it was 1214, so I could just think of the band, Embodiment 12:14....I broke the 2000 mark today, with 2015 kicks, I was getting pretty sore by the end of things, and my shoelace came undone midway through the 1900s, but I was pretty happy with that. I also hit ripped warrior and matador to finish off the session. I had gone down to the beach, in the darkness there seemed to be not very much surf at all.

So tomorrow we wake up early, and on the advice of the girl at reception, we'll check in our bags, then come back over for the free breakfast. Too easy. Next stop Malaysia.

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