Friday, August 19, 2011

Not my day, not my week

So, as I may have mentioned already, I haven't been having the greatest time in our Nepalese adventure which really hasn't turned out as planned.

Today the rain was pouring down and my ankle was hurting a bit, so I didn't want to walk around too much, I chose to stay at home and have a bit of a rest.

At about lunch time I headed to the ATM to get some cash out for some lunch. It told me Issuer could not be contacted. I don't really know what that meant, but it meant no money came out. Whatever I thought, I'll go to a different ATM. I did just that around the corner, for it to tell me insufficient funds. I don't know about that I thought, so I went to check my account. The mongrels had charged me as if I had taken out this money, not an insignificant amount either (it takes a fee of about $5 for each withdrawal).

So, luck has not really been on my side. In the end I didn't have any lunch and nearly slipped over on my way back from the ATM. Seriously, this leg in Nepal is not going well at all.

I did receive some good news though. Since that festival Soundwave Revolution was cancelled, Machine Head will tour South America instead, with Sepultura. This means I will be seeing Machine Head in Santiago on October 23rd. That's something I'm really looking forward to.

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