Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On to the next one

So we are entering the next stage of our trip. We arrived late last night in Bangkok and we are staying in the very pleasant Kkaosan Baan Thai, which is a Guesthouse which is set up as a normal Thai house.

We had another ankle injury last night, as our friend Viv suggested, maybe taking the "his and hers thing a little to far"....

We are meeting in a while with Sun, a friend of Francisca that she met in her studies at ANU. In a couple of days we are likely to come across with Jonathan again, he has been doing some Muy Thai training down near Phuket somewhere.

We took the flight with Air India yesterday. The Indian airlines generally get a pretty bad wrap, but both flights we had no troubles, got a good meal, got a couple of beers. I hadn't even downed my first Tiger and the lady puts down another one on my tray table...Got talking to the guy sitting next to me, he was a hugely bearded bloke (puts me to shame by a long way...). He was from the USA but earnt a crust by going around the world, buying some jewellery in places like Nepal, Thailand etc, then selling it in the USA. Seemed a nice bloke. Also watched a movie that I was paying vague attention too that had an incredibly stupid plot. I might try and find some more information about it later on.

I have found a link to a review of the movie, which I have linked above. The movie was called Lafangey Parindey. It's not very positive, but it's pretty accurate....

So today Sun is going to show us around the place, tomorrow we can probably show ourselves around a bit. We have 3 days booked here and then not really any plan on where to go. I think the coastline is calling. There's not too much plan from here, we just have a flight from Hanoi in just over a month, so we can do whatever we want really.

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