Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Please refrain from being friendly with other passengers on the train

Please do not accept any food from strangers on the train

These were a couple of phrases I heard on the train yesterday. It was Indian Independence Day and I guess they wanted to have a strong message in case of any terror attack etc.

The day before we went to the Taj Mahal. How about the crowd...as it was the Independence Day, all of India decides to go to some famous monuments etc. So it was totally packed. I heard from a number of people Agra wasn't worth staying the night, and it seems they were right. We just stopped for a few hours, leaving our bags at the station, then continued on to Delhi.

We had a very interesting train ride back into Delhi, lots of people came to sit with us and our main companion was from Kone Elevators, I told him we had a Kone at the hostel and I got to wondering, how do I know the brand of elevator? It is for the simple reason that it breaks down all the time. I didn't tell him that though.

In the morning we caught the metro to the airport, that one is a brilliant service, straight there no troubles. From there we went through all the security checks, they looked at your passport, it must be 20 times before you get on the plain, and a couple of hours later we were in Nepal.

Not all that many hours after that, I had a sprained ankle, but I guess that one is a longer story...

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