Saturday, September 3, 2011

High tide or no tide

So here we are, back in front of the beach. We had some light rain and it looks like it may rain again.

So in saying that, I am out of the hospital. We have come back to Samui Beach Resort, where they have treated us very nicely. An upgraded room as a matter of fact. What did I have to say about that?

Hey, it's not as close to the beach!

I was just kidding, as I have heard so many similar reactions in the past few years. Good to be out of the hospital though, lying around for a couple of days is not really my scene I've got to say. We watched a whole lot of movies, none of them very good. However, one standout from that was Toy Story 3.

I have been paying a bit of attention to the World Athletics Championships which are happening in South Korea at the moment. One of my old pals from doing tours at the AIS, Jared Tallent came away with bronze in the 50km walk. Nathan Deakes held the lead at the 30km mark but from what I read, he had to pull out with an injury. Too bad, buddy. Sounded like he was making his big comeback, but it wasn't to be.

So now the rain is back, the tide is up on the beach, we are sitting with the pals we met on the first night and staring into the sea. We have booked here for three more nights, then we'll see what happens from here.

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