Friday, September 2, 2011

In the hospital...

So it was probably a good idea I went to the doctor. Not so much to go to the general doctor, but to come on to the hospital to get some tests. It was looking like a strong chance of having to have an operation.

That has passed now, after a few tests and a long time of trying to find a vein for me to have a big needle shoved in to me. This took a seriously long time. Things are on the mend now though, and operation looks to be off the cards.

I came in yesterday with some strong pains in my right side, but now the pain is almost gone, so it seems likely we will be leaving tomorrow.

Then it will be back to Samui Beach Resort, where they will actually give us an upgrade of our room. A few days of rest at the beach and then we will consider our options from here.

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