Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art Attack

Last night we found ourselves at the launch of an exhibition. It was called "Weaving The Americas" by an artist named Sarah Sense. If you follow the link you can find out a bit more about it. It became apparent to me when I arrived, not knowing anything about the exhibition, and expecting some kind of basket weaving display, that I didn't know too much at all about art. Or moreso, that it wasn't something I expected.

The weaving being referred to was a mix of the Americas through photography. North, Central and South America were all mixed together within the photos, using a cut and paste collage style, with segments of different photos mixed together to create a new picture.

We stayed a while, and enjoyed some of the champagne and snacks available. Though towards the end of our visit, there was a noticable drop in the quality of the champagne. Not that you can complain about something that comes for free. However Francisca coined the phrased "goon con gas" to describe it, in reference "agua con gas" (mineral water).

In a clash of worlds from the gallery launch, which was a reasonably swanky event, we ended up at the Rapa Nui restaraunt, not too far away. Apparently the place is renowned for a grumpy owner giving bad service, but in a funny kind of way. And that was the experience that I got, which I actually found enjoyable. Probably after all the champagne.

I ate a chacarero, which had just the right amount of spice for my liking at that particular time. Our friend Villa came along, and she got one too. I ordered a plate of papas fritas (chips). Very conveniently, old mate forgot to charge us for them. I must say, within just a couple of blocks of each other, we appeared in two very different worlds last night in Santiago.

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