Sunday, December 18, 2011

So I found out that a Pichanga is a term for a game of pick up soccer. Some are much more organised than others, but anyhow in my browsing one day I came across the website Jogabo, which I have mentioned before.

The basic premise is a social network for players to find games or other players, anywhere in the world. It's a pretty awesome idea really, particularly for, eg, someone who has just arrived in town and doesn't have all that many mates yet (ie: me).

So anyhow- I thought it would be good to arrive a bit early and have a kick around, a good chance to meet some of the other people etc. Little did I know, some guys from the canchas invited me to join into their game.

So by the time I finished up, which was some hours could say I was completely and utterly stuffed. My game where I was a late addition was ok- though it's always hard not knowing anybody, alongside struggling with the language- all you can really do is try and get in a good position and yell SIIIIII, ACA ACA, SIIIIIIIIII. Then wonder why the ball doesn't come to you.

The say "the beautiful game" transcends languages, and to an extent it does, however all the processes are smoother and easier if you have complete grasp of the language. I guess it's just like every other part of the game. If you can kick really well, you'll get a goal most times. If you can't kick that well, you can still play- but you might find yourself frustrated.

So that game was up and then some people arrived for the Jogabo games. It was a charity match, so they went in what's known as the Dutch style, changing teams every 10 minutes or so.

Now before arriving I had dreams of filling the boots of Eduardo Vargas now that he signed a $19 million contract with Napoli, but I think those will have to be put on hold, I never really even game close to scoring a goal. I had a couple of opportunities in the earlier match, including one I belted into the post, but of course as the games went on (and I got more tired), I got more lazy, and found myself using a number of my regular bad habits, which is one of the main reasons my freestyle skills don't transfer that well onto a match situation.

I have to say also, it's 3 days later and I woke up this morning still feeling pretty sore. So I guess I'll have to get in some more match fitness by playing more games!

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