Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting there

A while ago I joked to someone that hopefully I would be able to earn enough as one gets from being on the dole in Australia.

Soon enough I may achieve that goal, and it will involve a lot more work than seeking 14 jobs per week or whatever it is you have to do these days. However, I guess that's what one has to expect, that's part of the adventure. I didn't come to Chile to get rich or get a top dog position somewhere, I just came to experience another part of the world.

So I will continue as editor in the newspaper and website and it looks like I may have found myself a job in a hostel. Francisca got a job too and it looks like we have found a place (with an A*MAZING view from the 23rd floor). So we just have to wait for a while to see if everything is fine with those things.

Tomorrow I will going to the office for extranjeros (foreigners) in order to change my visa so I can work immediately. I wasn't so sure I was going to pick up any work within the processing time, so I elected the box to not work during the processing time. It costs money to change it, then once the visa is processed it costs a couple of hundred dollars for that too, or course that is much cheaper than the reverse option, for those going to Australia.

True grit ... skating through the Atacama Desert.

I wrote this story yesterday about three guys from NZ skating on longboards for five weeks through Peru and Chile (from Arequipa to La Serena). The Andes, Atacama, the works. Sounds like a lot of fun. I have sent through some interview questions to one of the guys, as I will probably do a story in the next print edition, but maybe I will post the responses in here first. Let's see.

I also interview Marlen Olivari the other day. She is going to be in a show called "I Love Chile", which I will probably go to watch on the weekend. She is a pretty famous TV star here in Chile. I did another interview a few weeks ago with a guy, Thomas Baker - he ran the Edcamp Santiago event that I posted about a while ago. I have been planning to do a story on that for the print edition too, but maybe I will just put it on to the website directly. Let me think about that for a while.

The whole website newspaper etc consumes a lot of my thought time, every step you take could be an idea for a new story.

Well actually, right outside our office a woman got hit by a car yesterday. That was pretty weird. Not really newsworthy though, as she got back up once it happened. Weird though.

So let's see how everything goes. Last night I went to the weekly Couchsurfing meetup. I went a while back and had a great time, but haven't been able to make it until now. I met some characters there. I met a Polish girl, I said we can play Zoska (footbag) sometime. I also met a guy from Korea. I told him he should make me a Kim Chi someday. He agreed, though he was pretty drunk, so we'll see how that goes..

Anyway, I probably had a better time the first time I went, but it was good to meet some more people. I should not make it so long until the next one I go to. I guess one big problem is that EVERYBODY smokes (Chile recently was reported to have the highest rate of smoking in all of the Americas) and it's just not pleasant to be around at all. Gross.

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