Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crosses at Lollapalooza

I don't know if I have been living under a rock, but the first time I heard about Crosses was just in the last couple of days when I read an interview with Chino Moreno in La Tercera. On further reading it turned out they were playing Lollapalooza, which I was already going too.

We got a couple of press passes to go, which was nice of them, although we had to fight to get them.

So anyhow, I just watched a couple of clips this morning and thought, hey that sounds pretty good. I wasn't as into it as regular Deftones stuff, although I haven't listened to them in a fair while. Seeing them live though, I was thoroughly impressed.

The band have two drummers (I'm not sure if it's still the same, but I think it's a guy from Far and a guy from Dredg). There is a pretty big electronic element to the music (ie there are three guys playing samplers or keyboards at some stage in the band). It's more about an atmospheric sound than a sort of techno style though.

The best thing though that is that Chino was in fine form. In pretty good shape also, I remember developing a theory that his vocal performance depended on his always fluctuating weight. The performance was great though.

Today we went to a farewell lunch for a friend, Isabel, she will move to Buenos Aires, so we will have to go and visit sometime. I was actually planning to go to Argentina next week, to watch La U in the Copa Libertadores in Mendoza, but it was all too difficult.

Anyway, we went to the lunch and I ate too much, so I didn't really feel good, so I left the festival early. If I didn't have the press pass I would not go to the festival. Foo Fighters are going to be playing a 2.5 hour set tomorrow, which will be great. However, I am really wondering if I will bother going to the rest of the festival at all. Let's see...

Today I was just by myself and not so much in the mood for talking to people or making new friends. Mainly because my tummy was rumbling. Anyway, the point of the story is that Crosses were really good.

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