Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011- Part One

I was planning on doing a big 2011 review of all my travels, but I might split it up into a few posts with a few different photos. 2011 was a pretty big year, although I think 2010 might have to be the "best year of all time", this year certainly had its highlights.

As for the pictures above, we have first of all from the night of our wedding, staying at the Sydney Harbour YHA, with magnificent view over the harbour.

The next shot is from the Australian Footbag Championships, that was a while later in the year, with my good pal Caroline. I was not so pleased with my performances this year, particular compared to my dropless routine the year before. However, it always good to see everyone and catch up with what's happening in the footbag world.

The next two are also Footbag related. First of all a match of Kubb at the Narooma Footbag Jam, next year will be the 5th annual and the first one I won't be able to attend. The next photo down is from my trip to Kuala Lumpur, where I gave Footbag demonstrations and judged the first ever Malaysian Championships- sponsored by Adidas. A very good time, and gave me a lot of ideas, hopefully some of which I can put into action next year.

The final photo from the first installment is Francisca and I at a very well known location, along the Great Ocean Road. We did that for our honeymoon and I think that was an excellent decision.

I hope to do some more similar posts in the next couple of days, this might be the first of four parts to my round up of the year. Still a couple of days to go, we will head down the coast tomorrow for the New Year celebrations and hopefully we will have a good time down there.

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