Friday, April 10, 2009

Here I am last night taking part in an interview, that there was a vague plan to put into my own zine. Probably fortunately for everybody else, it didn't save properly, so you don't have to read my drunken ramblings. The guy asking the questions is also named Dan and is a good guy, and I think he would make sweet zines.

The basic gist of my ramblings was

- Stronger Than Hate are really great
- Why did no one know the LLR cover the other night (see video in post below)
- Canberra Raiders are the greatest team ever
- my top 5 Canberra releases (I will expand on this another time)
- Davidian by Machine Head being the greatest song ever
- the next silverchair album will come out in approx 4 years, and will sound like Led Zeppelin
- I have no interest in the Earth Crisis/DOC/Antagonist shows.

This was at the Hospital The Musical show (see interview further down the page). They are doing the "Tyrant" tour with another band called Bermuda. This band sounds like every other "deathcore" band, ever...not very interesting. Anyhow, Hospital The Musical played I think all new songs, they have an album coming out soon. Drew was as ever extremely energetic...this is always impressive when the crowds have low numbers.

There were probably less than 10 payers, and if the turnouts are in a similar fashion each night, I don't really see it being a great success. I'm going to Melbourne for the weekend tomorrow and I might go to a couple more of the shows down there...see what happens.

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Daniel is now living in Santiago de Chile. You can find some more writing at I Love Chile

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