Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So it's been a while since I've done a new issue of Capital Eyes, the zine that this blog is aimed to be all about. It's really a while since I've done anything at all.

The next zine will have interviews with Earthlings and Ghost Town, bands that played a house show that I didn't go to. Really wish I had've seen Earthlings do their cover of "Autopsy" by Life.Love.Regret.

Here's a video with Earthlings last two songs by John Hatfield, a local photo/video genius, who will also have an interview in the next zine.

This is a little of what I've been listening to of late

Evergreen Terrace- Wolfbiker
The Amity Affliction- Severed Ties
Silverchair- Freak Show
Midnight Oil- Blue Sky Mining
At The Gates- Slaughter of The Soul
Slowburn- Bitterness
Sting and The Police- The Very Best of Sting and The Police
Merauder- Master Killer
Brisk- Hell or High Water

from Friday I have about 10 days off work. I'm going to Melbourne and Sydney and it should be fun times. I'm competing in the nationals for Footbag, and hopefully that is a big success. 3 months now and I will be leaving on a jetplane, heading for Germany for the World Championships.

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