Saturday, June 26, 2010

The next day was once again unpleasant, I decided I wasn't going to bother fighting the freezing cold, and had a day indoors, which I spent getting uni work done. I'm doing a course online, it's amazing having no worries being on the other side of the world to get your assignments in. My one journey outside was to the supermarket around the corner. Coming back in I had a lot of trouble with the key. It mus have taken me half an hour to get back into the house. I was feeling fairly stupid by the time I arrived indoors. I decided not to go out again until Alex came home.

The rain was still coming down, we decided to kick at an indoor sports hall. This was a good move, though it was a bit too warm in there. With no air coming in, or air condition, we worked up a sweat in no time. Verena was sick and Anita was playing lacrosse, so it was just the two of us playing. Alex had some great runs, I don't think I did really, but on these trips, it's always nice to play at all, it doesn't really matter how you play.

The sports centre was a pretty interesting place, you paid a couple of euros to get in, and they had pretty much everything there. Basketball, inline hockey, beach volleyball, a gym, indoor soccer, and most importantly, table tennis. I told Alex I was in form after playing in London. This turned out to be a lie. He beat me time after time, though I did win the final match.

We went out for dinner and I got myself the Austrian equivalent of a mixed grill. It was great, just what I was after really, a huge pile of meat on a plate. After playing footbag and having a small lunch, I was famished. We drank some beers with our meal, then came home fairly early.

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