Thursday, October 28, 2010

Capital Eyes Issue #8- review in Pee Zine #46

So I'm feeling pretty impressed with myself as I'm going into my tenth issue...along comes the great Pee Zine with Issue #46, still going strong.

I just bought it today at Smith's Bookshop, they are getting more and more zines in stock, which is awesome for the Canberra zine scene.

This is what the reviewer "No Show" had to say about Issue No 8. I was a bit disappointed as I sent a copy of Issue 7, which I think is better, maybe that will be in the next zine or something.

Once I read the zine I may just give a little writeup about that.

Capital Eyes #8
A4 $?

Canberra dude Dan has published issue eight of his zine and it's a nice cut 'n' paste job. Featuring interviews with two awesome bands: Four Dead and Dangers. It's a 10-page A4 effort so it's not overly thick but still a good read. The interviews are very thorough and well-written as is Dan's editorial. You also get some cool live pics and a Dangers show review. Dan says he has a couple of interviews left over, so hopefully issue 9 is a bit thicker. There's no price on the zine, so hit up Dad at to organise your copy and support a dude doing his bit for the Canberra scene.

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Daniel is now living in Santiago de Chile. You can find some more writing at I Love Chile

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