Thursday, July 14, 2011

So far from home, with the sound of the waves crashing below me

Break Even, one of my definite favourite bands of the last few years, have put up a new song from their next album. It's a bit of a different sound, and from the self proclaimed experts on hardcore I talked to last night, they are disappointed in what they're hearing.

Personally I love the new sound I'm hearing, but after listening to the song over and over again on repeat, I don't think the sound is particularly removed from The Bright Side. Particularly the song "October 27th". If you were to replace the lines "so far from home", with that refrain of "shine bright, baby shine bright", in all honesty it's not that far off.

I hear a lot of people saying it has too much of a "Triple J rock" sound and that they expected Break Even to go heavier. I'm not sure if it's because I read an interview in the new issue of No Heroes that predicted a bit of change and the possibility of disappointment, however after Young At Heart, Break Even's work I guess had more of a punk sound, rather than a Miles Away-lite sound that they were renowned for on their earlier works.

I don't really think it sounds like bands like The Butterfly Effect or Karnivool, if this was the "triple j rock" sound people were describing. I have enjoyed the new song "Hells Gates" and can't wait to hear some more tracks. Maybe tomorrow, when Break Even play alongside 4 Dead and I Exist...seriously, what a lineup.

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