Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It rains

So you know, they did say it was the monsoon season after all. After a day of doing not a whole lot, a short walk on the beach being the most strenuous activity, the skies have opened up and the rain is coming down.

I'm taking a rest outside on the balcony outside our room and seeing how the temperature drops and if the precipitation sticks around. This morning I didn't wake up in too good a condition, once again my health, which is normally pretty good has dropped down again. I woke up with a mean fever, a tummy ache and a headache and my back was hurting too. I think it may be a concoction of the wide range of medicines I have to take each day to get my ankle better, plus a few too many Changs at the beach bar with our new found friends. So I'm going to lay of the booze for tonight, hopefully I will improve. I don't know if I would say I am back to full health, but I sure know that staying out of this rain storm will keep me in better order than splashing around in the rain.

Francisca is out walking around in the rain, hopefully she has found some shelter, don't want to be two sick characters lounging around. Although, it's not the worst place to be recuperating (see: Khangsar Guest House, Nepal).

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