Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School

After taking a semester break, I am back in action in my uni course. Would you believe it I now just have 4 subjects remaining to become a Master. Two of them I am taking this semester, then the next two I think will be bigger projects. This semester my two subjects overlap a bit, but I'm not going to take the option of doing the same thing for both projects.

I have only just started them in the last few minutes, so there's only a welcome post on each one, but I have developed my ideas for each one.

First idea- which will be hosted at http://capitaleyes.tumblr.com is going to be a mix between a "best of" of the zine. I have been really lazy on the zine front this year, let's see if that changes once I go back to Australia for a little while, but it will give me a chance to wrap things up. It will also mix memories of different shows and other events and follow the main character (ie: me) to where he is today.

For the second one I thought I would just do a travel blog, but really, that's too easy, and would involve writing a bunch of things I have already done before. So what I have decided to do, is theme my blog piece around the YHA Australia network. http://yhaalltheway.tumblr.com for that one. It will be a mix of reviews of the hostels, and some fun stories about the main character, which is once again, me.

So those are a couple of notable things on the writing horizon and both projects I am looking forward to working on.

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