Monday, October 31, 2011

segundo semana

This is Augustine, marrying into the family I also became an uncle, a tio to quite a few new amigos.

Augustine is the son of Pablo. He also has a sister, who is just 6 months old, Ascencion. I read something a long time ago, that babies can communicate by sticking out their tongue. Being new in the world of Chilean spanish, that's about all I can do....that's not true actually, but sometimes it feels that way!

I've never really believed that the tongue thing works, but it seems to have some relevance in this case. The picture is from last week when Pablo took us up into the mountains. This weekend is a long, long weekend, a four day weekend, so a lot of people have gone out of town.

We went down to Rancagua on Saturday, which is where we will have our second wedding, in just two weeks. There was a huge almuerzo (lunch), which is not uncommon on any day in Chile. Our first week in town we had Doug around to show around to some touristy places, but I am still definitely a newcomer. We haven't been as far and wide as last week, but we have met some more of Francisca's friends.

Yesterday was El Superclasico, the match between the two big teams, Colo Colo and U. de Chile. We were actually outside kicking a ball when it was on, but from the streets you could hear the occasional cheer. The final score was 2-2, so in reality we didn't really miss much.

As we are having a second wedding ceremony, we have a whole bunch of family coming over. The Qantas strikes have not had too much effect on them which is good.

Anyway, back to the main point of the story, Augustine was telling his friends at school that his uncle was the Footbag Champion in Australia. None of them believed him! I will have to go along to the school someday and show them what's what.

In other good news, Pablo came around today and brought an old bike for me to have a spin on. He also fixed Francisca's bike, after two years in the shed there was a bit of work to do. So that will be good for getting around.

Tonight we are going to go see some punk bands, it's a tribute to The Clash. It's Halloween, but I don't think I will dress up at all.

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