Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new writing project

I have started a new little project, within which I hope to do 1 interview per week (at least) with Footbag players from around the world (excuse the pun...)

So I started at the top, and his is my first one- World Champion, Honza Weber

The next writing project I plan to undertake is going to be called Streets of Santiago. The basic idea is to get some knowledge of the history behind some of the street names through Santiago- for example, who was O'Higgins, Americo Vespucio and so on and so forth.

I am still working on a few ideas behind that, but I hope it comes out well. I want it to be a serious travel blog as well, not just about Santiago, but about my own travels, and some advice for others.

My plan is to have that one ready to go by the end of next week, so hopefully that goes ahead. It is simply up to me to get it done, so there will be one way to point the finger if it doesn't happen.

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Daniel is now living in Santiago de Chile. You can find some more writing at I Love Chile

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