Friday, August 26, 2011

Woahhhh, we're halfway there

As much as I sung the praises of the SiamSato last night (Well not really, but I think I said it was drinkable), with more than half the bottle still inside, I had to declare the contest over.

Today, I think, marks the halfway point in our trip. Tomorrow evening we will make our way down the coast to Ko Samui, and spend some time relaxing on a few different islands. It is the rainy season, so it may not be quite as relaxing as one would hope, but still, I can't walk too much, so best to sit around at the beach.

This little boot I have got. The Golden Boot, I like to call it, is really helping reduce the swelling and keep compression on the ankle. I definitely overdid the walking too soon (particularly our trip to the Word Peace Stupa in Pokhara), but I must say it was feeling good beforehand.

It is quite unbelievable the amount of medicines that the doctor prescribed to me. In total there are 5 as a matter of fact. There are 2 for reducing pain and swelling, one extra pain killer, one muscle relaxant and apparently one of this painkillers can upset your tummy, so there's one for fixing that back up.

So as it is the halfway point of the trip, here is a bullet point list of what we have been up to.

  • Quit our jobs and moved out of our house in Canberra
  • Stopped in Sydney and visited a couple of relatives and then flew to Gold Coast
  • Stayed overnight and flew to Malaysia
  • Went to KL, Melaka and Singapore then back up to KL
  • Flew to Mumbai
  • Stayed a couple of days in Mumbai and then flew to Delhi
  • From Delhi we went to Rajasthan, stopping in Jaipur and Udaipur
  • Took an overnight train to Agra, stopping for a few pictures of the Taj Mahal
  • Went back to Delhi for one more night.
  • Left town on the Indian Independence Day for Nepal
  • Sprained my ankle in Kathmandu on day one
  • Did some sightseeing and met some friends, but mainly stuck around in a crappy hostel
  • Went to Pokhara, which was a super nice place. Saw the Himalayas from the plane on the way there.
  • Stopped one night back in Kathmandu then took the flight to Bangkok
  • Now we have stayed two nights in a lovely guesthouse, with a very friendly owner (Kao Sahn Baan Thai)
  • Today we move next door as they have no rooms
  • The first day we head north to Ayuttayah Province and saw some sights
  • Yesterday we met up with Jonathan, had some beers and some good food
  • Let's see what today brings. I'm quite happy for it to be a whole lot of not much, it's a nice place to sit here.

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